Theta v Questions about wireless live streaming

Theta v Questions about wireless live streaming

I am currently using Ricoh Theta v. Is it possible to connect Theta v and laptops to WiFi and live stream via YouTube on laptops?


You can either connect the RICOH THETA V directly to the Internet with Wi-Fi and have it stream to YouTube direct from the THETA V to YouTube.

Or, you can connect the RICOH THETA V to a laptop with a USB cable and then have the laptop stream to YouTube using WiFi.

What is the problem with using the THETA V to stream directly to YouTube using Wi-Fi?

I try to stream theta v wirelessly via wifi via YouTube’s laptop. I wonder how to do this.

Can you provide more information on what you mean by “YouTube’s laptop”?

Is this a laptop made by YouTube? Like a Chromebook?

no. As shown in the guide, I want to stream using the wireless plugin. (This method uses YouTube’s stream key and URL.) Do I have to run an encoding program like OBS STUDIO even when using this method? When I follow the guide, the video’s screen does not live stream.

The wireless live streaming plug-in does not use OBS. The camera connects to your router with WiFi and streams directly to YouTube.

The stream key needs to be configured with a browser. Try using the Ricoh mobile app to start the plug-in and the web browser configuration tool.

Live streaming guide follows. However, connecting the web browser to the camera does not work well. After configuring the camera in client mode, when I try to connect to the camera’s ip address: 8888 via the laptop, the screen does not work. The ip address was verified through mobile app. The laptop is connected to the wifi router.

You have both the THETA V and the laptop connected to the router? The THETA V is in client mode?

I connected my camera to laptop and both are on the same network. I loaded wireless live streaming code using android studio and I gave youtube link to stream using browser interface and as per logs streaming is started but in youtube, I am just seeing blank

Does this plug-in work from the store?

The code was updated 3 months ago.

yes. It is working(but having lot of delay. How to fix that?) from plug-in store. Code doesn’t seem to be working