Theta refuses to register on Theta UVC register


RICOH THETA is not recognized even when the camera unit and computer are connected with a USB cable.
The camera may have frozen.
Push and hold the power button and wireless button simultaneously (for 6 seconds or longer) on the camera. After the camera has reset, push the power button again.
With a Mac, changing the USB port may solve the problem.

Do you have access to a Windows 10 computer 1709 Fall Creators Update you can try it on as a test? Maybe your friend has another computer? Try different USB cables.


I finally got it to work using this guide link

I believe the UVC 4k driver bypasses the need to register via UVC blender.

Thank you codetricity!


Great that you got it up!

Sorry for the confusion. I should have pointed that guide out to you earlier. The THETA V is new and we’re still trying to share information. The main thing is that you have it working now. :slight_smile:

Let us know what you’re using the live streaming for. It’ll be great to share ideas and tips.