Registration of RICOH THETA V failed. E01. (THETA UVC Register)

¡Hi! Wen I try to conect my Ricoh Theta V with the Theta UVC Register, the app fails.

  • Windows x64


Are you using RICOH THETA UVC 4K?

More info from official Ricoh site:

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Thanks!!! It works :smiley:


I have the same problem but whatever i do, it doesn’t go away and i can’t register my theta v.
The firmware of the theta v is up to date, same for the uvc 4k.
Please help me

  • Did you reboot your computer?
  • Are you using the USB cable that came with THETA V?
  • Are you using Windows 10?

I don’ think it will work with Windows 7.

Can you post the version of Windows you are using.

Settings - > System → About

It will look like this:


Can you confirm you have UVC 4K and NOT THETA UVC Blender?