Theta V drop and does not work again

Hello everyone, I have a Theta V and it fell to the ground. In addition to disarming, when I want to start it it makes 5 beeps and then turns off. Similar to this video
Is there a solution or way to format the camera?

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Hello everyone, this is my first time writing, I have read so many discussions on this site which is very comprehensive. My Theta V has been dropped several times but after closing the case it has always worked, I think that during the last update maybe the remaining battery charge was completely zeroed and since then it doesn’t work anymore, I can start the Theta and connect the smartphone via Wi-Fi, as soon as I open the official app but also other apps for spherical cameras the Theta stops working, beeps 3 times, flashes red and turns off. To turn it on again I have to hold down the power and wifi keys, repeat the connection operation and it turns off again. The Windows PC recognizes it and I can see the charge status, I can access the internal folder but I can’t insert files or photos. The Windows app allows me to connect the tetha and to manage the plugins by deleting or installing them and if I try to update the signature warns me that I have the latest available that is 3.70.1. I was convinced it was a battery problem since my Theta V is 5 years old and I replaced it with a compatible one. No luck. I contacted theta customer service but the repair would be at my expense and I don’t think it’s worth it since it’s already 5 years old. I would like to find a back up copy of the operating system or firmware but can’t find it anywhere.

There is no known way to roll back the firmware.

When you plug the THETA V into the Windows computer and right-click on the icon, what percentage charge does it show? Have you left it plugged in and charging overnight?


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Hi Craig, thanks for your interest. The battery I changed with a compatible one works perfectly, it shows the right charge , while with the original one now 5 years old it went from 100% to 40% in seconds.

Today I received the email from theta to log in as a developer, so I hope to be able to solve in some way

Oh, did you resolve your problem with one of the THETA V cameras?

I replaced the battery on a THETA V I had and the battery is still working after four months. I just used the camera today.

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Craig, I haven’t fixed anything yet, I’m waiting to use developer credentials to be able to access the V’s memory, I’m very sure the problem lies there, due to a negative battery spike while doing the penultimate firmware update.

This is the battery I used.

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