THETA S on Linux with Pano2VR5

Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” Cinnamon Edition are build on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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Visit for more information
the program can create virtual tours and interactive 360º panoramas.
from your Ricoh THETA S Equirectangular images
and Equirectangular images striched with PtGui or Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher

On Ubuntu later versions you have to run command:

sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends gnome-panel

followed by this command:

sudo gnome-desktop-item-edit /usr/share/applications/ --create-new

in the terminal to be able to create a starter in the launcher

FFmpeg has been removed from Ubuntu 14.04 and was replaced by Libav. This decision has been reversed so that FFmpeg is available now in Ubuntu 15.04 again, but there is still no official package for 14.04. how to install FFmpeg from mc3man ppa. Add the mc3man ppa:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mc3man/trusty-media

And confirm the following message by pressing Enter

Also note that with apt-get a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade is needed for initial setup & with some package upgrades
More info:

Press [ENTER] to continue or ctrl-c to cancel adding it

Update the package list.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Now FFmpeg is available to be installed with apt:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

The ffmpeg file Path are:/usr/bin/ffmpeg

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Thanks for posting this. I’m going to try following these steps later today. :theta_s:

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Please post your impressions of Pano2VR5 on Linux. Maybe build a screen capture tutorial yourself and post it to the nascent YouTube Channel? You could also make a playlist of the @Svendus videos for the YouTube channel.

Also, have you figured out how to convert dual-fisheye videos to equirectangular videos on Linux?

The Windows Version RICOH THETA app runs trough Wine on Linux you can view Photo Spheres
from the Camera, but not convert the Video to Equirecangular
we are waiting for RICOH to write a Linux version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thank you. I do not think that RICOH is working on a Linux version of the desktop application. The RICOH engineers use Mac and Windows. I know they use bash on Windows and have even released a streaming sample application using Raspian. So, I think they probably like Linux internally, but I don’t think they can justify the work for a Linux desktop application right now.

It’s possible that there’s demand from developers for a command line tool and proprietary library for video conversion to be used as part of a third-party product. We can make a poll to collect demand for a command line conversion tool for Linux developers.

Though, I think the engineers have their hands full. The major thing we need in general is higher resolution of streaming video in equirectangular format, which is technically possible, but not implemented in the current software driver.

i think the main reason for the low resolution are the wide angle lenses with lots of Chromatic aberration the lens are not so sharp in the corners and that you only see a small part of the 360 media
a 4K Camera will not deliver 360 4k video may be 1080

Thanks for the explanation of the chromatic aberration. I don’t know too much about lenses and photography in general.

From my perspective, I was thinking that getting the output from HDMI would be higher resolution. Back in October of 2015, some guy did a community-based mod of the THETA to use the internal ASIC to perform the stitching from dual fisheye to equirectangular and he was able to output 1920 x 960 at 30fps through the HDMI port. I haven’t actually seen this camera.

The original article is here. It’s in Japanese, so run it through Google Translate if you’re interested.

This guy is amazing and he even manufactured a custom heatsink to overcome the heat problem of using the ASIC chip.

He even modded the on switch so that the camera automatically turned on when the USB cable was plugged in and then used the USB cable for real time control of the stream. Check out his notes:

全天球ライブカム実験機 仕様:
HDMIよりFull HD出力
Equirectangular 1920 x 960ドット 1080p 29.97fps
Equirectangular形式は横:縦が2:1になるためFull HDにおいて下側120ドットは黒帯となる
USB経由にてリアルタイムに映像コントロールが可能(EV, RGBゲイン)

So, I was thinking that in the future, maybe we’d see a camera from RICOH with higher resolution since it looks like it’s technically feasible.