Theta Stitcher Problem Garbled Image

Hello the community!

Experiencing problems.
Merged 3 images into an HDR using Lightroom then tried to open in the stitcher resulting in the output below.

Any idea why? Thought it might be the graphics card? Have a Radeon RX460.

You may need to convert each DNG image into equirectangular TIFF or JPG first, then do the HDR merge on the 3 equirectangular images.

Are you using three DNG images to produce a single HDR file?

Thanks for the help.
Yes, using the .DNG images to produce single HDR

I’m not sure if the stitcher is going to work on a processed HDR file.

Are you building the HDR file for global illumination with 3D assets? Or, are you looking for improved tone mapping, beyond what a single RAW file can offer?

You may need to convert each of the three dual-fisheye DNG files into something like 16 bit TIFF equirectangular first, then merge the three 16 bit TIFF equirectangular files into a single HDR.

This is the workflow i’m following:

Intuitive and straightforward but i get the result you saw in my initial post. This is for just a single.dng file not the bracketed HDR version.

You may need to convert each DNG image into equirectangular TIFF or JPG first
How do I do that? Sorry, brand new to all of this.

Are you getting this error when you try to stitch a single DNG file from the THETA Z1?

Are you having problems stitching all DNG images from the Z1?

Or, are you having problems only with the bracketed HDR version?

Also be aware that I’m new to editing DNG images and haven’t seen the technique of making and HDR file from DNG files before.

I do have the stitcher running, but I’m not a very experienced photographer.