Stitching Add-On for Lightroom refuses my images

Hi. My problem seems to be stitching RAW files in the lightroom add-on. I downloaded the dng files from the camera to my macbook pro (which is too old for the Lightroom stitching add-on to work). Then I edited the brackets I shot and created HDR files on my laptop. Then I saved them on an external hard drive and brought them to our office where I can use a newer iMac to stitch them with the Lightroom plug-in.

Unfortunately, the stitching doesn’t work. It gives me a message:
A DNG file is required for the [Export Location] of the JPEG/TIFF file. Refer to [Help] and check that the settings for [Export Location] or [File Naming] are correct.

I am using a DNG file and the name is the original that came from the camera with the HDR added to the name. I have no idea what could be wrong here. It would be amazing if you had an idea on that.

Do I have to use the computer I imported the original files to? That would be very strange…

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