Theta UVC Blender unable to Live Stream in Unity

(With @AhsanM )
Hello Everyone!
We are using Unity for USB Live streaming of Ricoh Theta S on a sphere, by following this tutorial: Play 360 Videos in Unity - Google Slides
It works if we select the Ricoh Theta S Camera but its mapping on a sphere comes out like this:

obviously because it maps flat video of dual fisheye stream on the sphere. So, the solution is to use the input from Theta UVC HD Blender. But if we select Theta UVC HD Blender, it doesn’t work in unity. It gives error for WebCamTexture.Play()

We’re unable to work out a solution for this problem while staying in Unity (not other platforms).
Please suggest if anyone has a working solution.

I have the exact same error. Thank you for verifying this. I was wondering if the problem was on my side. I’m going to ask some people other people about this.

with the firmware 1.83, the THETA now uses USB Video Class (UVC) 1.5.

I also couldn’t manage to get UVC Blender to work in Unity, a workaround is to use the dual fish eyed feed and stitch it yourself manually. I talk about how to do this in this post. Just disregard all of the SteamVR steps.

Would be nice to figure this out though, the stitching on the UVC blender is much better than anything I’ve managed to hack together.


Yeah! I already went through your post. Thanks and Good Work! :+1:
Because of the UVC problem, I’ve also been using the same method. And I also tried many values, but for me the best stitched view was when all the variables had middle values i.e. 0, 0, 1, 1, 0.5, 0.5 (in order) for both semi-spheres. You may try out these values also…


Glad you got it working. I was trying to find this post and share Megan’s tutorial with you. Good that you already found it. BTW, I asked a few people at RICOH about the UVC Blender not showing up in Unity. I still haven’t heard of a solution, so I’m working under the assumption that no one has UVC Blender working under Unity.

BTW, please feel free to share your project, either the code or a description. I’m curious to see what other people are doing with it.

I know that Megan is working on a robot. Would love to see updates on that as it develops.

There’s a guy in Japan that been developing a telepresence robot. The latest prototype from a week ago:

If you watch his other videos, you can see how it involved from a small rover on wheels with the THETA on top to the current robot with hands and haptic feedback.

Back in Oct 2016, the robot looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

I was thinking that since the Vive controllers already output fairly good position, it might be doable to build something simple as a hobby. The Nakanose from Japan also started with Unity at some point and just kept building on features.

Thanks a lot, So Nice of you! :slight_smile:
We are 3 university students working on a project using Ricoh Theta S. We’ll share the details soon…

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There’s a lot of people in this community that either work at Universities, are students at University, or work at a research lab. I think the results or status of your project would be fun to share. Thanks.