Theta V battery draining at around 2% every minute

I have an urgent issue. I have not used my theta v since around January. I have just had an order for a shoot and checked the device. The battery is draining about 2% every minute and I have no idea why! I have the job on Wednesday and in deep trouble if I cannot resolve this. Please can anyone offer advice? It did say to update firmware but have not done yet. Would this resolve the issue ?

press and hold down the power button for about 5 seconds and make sure the camera is off. Turn it back and see if the problem is resolved.

firmware update might help.

battery may be bad. it is not user replaceable, at least not officially replaceable.

circuit board or some electrical connection may have a problem, which would indicate no easy fix.

Easiest thing to try is to update the firmware as it is free and is a supported operation by RICOH.

Thanks for the reply. I ran it down completely so I can do a cycle. Taking around 15 photos and aside from that doing nothing else, it took about 1hr 20 minutes before it shut down. Does this sound right or bad ? I don’t seem to remember the battery going down so fast before.

Please note that this is not an official RICOH site and I do not work for RICOH. You should get the official information from RICOH.

As I have a THETA V, I can speak to my personal experience only.

The camera has sleep and power off modes.

Although RICOH says that the THETA V battery cannot be replaced, I did replace the battery on my THETA V.

This may completely brick your camera. You should consider the risk/benefit yourself and make your own decision.