How to downgrade or fully reflash the Theta S firmware


Hello everyone,

After I upgraded my Theta S to its newest firmware (with error), it now always burns out the battery automatically even when I shuts it down. Hence, I would like to ask if there is anyway that I can downgrade or fully reflash the Theta S firmware.

P/S: The Ricoh Theta App shows that the firmware is the newest version and does not allow me to reflash though it.


Please confirm that you have fully turned off the camera do not have it in sleep mode.


Dear Codetricity,

Thanks for your support. I can confirm that my Theta S is turned off completely. This problem had not appeared until I updated the camera to this newest firmware. I believe that something went wrong when I did so and the problem is likely from the firmware. Hope you and everyone can find a solution for me.




Did you try calling the official Ricoh customer support center?

Right after you charge your camera, before it starts to lose the charge, how did you confirm that the battery is fully charged?

Mobile app? Right click on icon in Windows 10?

These are old screenshots. Please post a screenshot of the fully charged verification screen.


Dear Codetricity,

Thanks for your support. The camera automatically burns the battery itself to empty after I fully charge it (I check on the app all the time). Even when I don’t touch on it after charging, somehow it will drain the battery to empty after a couple of hours. I also can confirm that the battery seems to be fine because If I use the camera straight away after a fully charging, it still allows me to recode videos/ view live for a couple of hours. Hope you can find a solution for me.




Is there a way for your to contact Ricoh support? The official support group may have a solution for you. it sounds like your camera is not being fully turned off. Hopefully, there’s a software fix for it.


Dear Codetricity,

Thanks for your reply. I contacted Ricoh but we could not find a solution except sending my Theta S to their service centre for a replacement.




Is it covered under warranty?


Does anyone have any ideas for me to fix this problem?