Theta V status:0x0000001F Device Lost

This error occurs from time to time when I am live-streaming on YouTube using OBS. It appears that the device was somehow switched off even though I have configured both the Time to Automatically Turn Off and Sleep Mode settings to “OFF” via the Theta Mobile App. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

How long does the V go before it shuts off? If it is a few hours, it might be heat. If it is days, you may need to reboot the camera.

Can you blow a fan on the body of the camera?

Hi Craig,

Yes, I am using a Theta V not Z1.

Sometimes in an hour or two, sometimes 4 to 5 hours. I am not sure if it’s caused by overheating but I will try what you suggested I guess.

Btw, there’s a new firmware update for Theta Z that “improves continuous livestreaming”, any chance a similar update will be available for Theta V?

In the thread below, you can see that my THETA V was overheating with the RTSP plug-in. It is going to be similar with normal streaming over the USB cable.

This is just for a test.


If the problem is heat, then people have used these techniques:

  • smaller and quieter fan on a tripod facing the camera
  • heatsinks from a Raspberry Pi

This is for the S, but you could fabricate a similar holder for the V.



If it is not heat, is it possible, can you try a different USB cable?

I have not heard of any plans to upgrade the firmware of the V to reduce the camera heat. However, keep in mind that I don’t work for RICOH, so I don’t have the official information.

Hi Craig, how long were you able to get before it overheat with that heatsink setup? How did you make those heatsinks fit so perfectly to the camera? I tried the fan and replacing the usb cable techniques, but I am still getting this error…

The heatsink pictures are from the community. I did not put the heatsinks on my camera.

I have streamed for over 24 hours at 2K without a fan in an indoor room with air-conditioner cooling.
At 4K, I can only stream for an hour without a fan. With a fan, I can stream for over 24 hours.

I’m using external power to charge the camera.

I don’t have a great setup for continuous streaming with the V. Just to let you know that it kind of works, but I also have problems with heat.

What firmware version are you using?

I don’t have a solution at the moment, but I was thinking of implementing an interface to check on these error codes:

The key ones are the board temperature error and the battery temperature error.

When the camera shuts down, can you turn it back on and it starts streaming immediately?

The state command from the Wi-Fi API also provide error information.