Theta V has stopped working



I have been using my theta V for a short while but it is now not working. I cant get live-streaming to work at all. No idea what happened. Sometimes the live light flashes sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the green light is on as well as the blue dot light and sometimes the green light is off - or sometimes the green light is on but the blue dot is off.

There is no media on the device so space is not a problem. I’ve tried restarting the computer its attached to but no luck. Any ideas?


Ok. I seem to have it working again - after picking up todays update.


I was wondering why the thing would wake each time I unplugged the V from the Mac.
The firmware has fixed that issue. Nice!


I think this is the problem many people were having with drained batteries. It looks like the firmware fixed this.


Thanks for pointing this out, I was waiting for this. Cool.


Covered this here:

and in this video: