Theta V with cable switch and power bank + play back in TV

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Did anyone try to use Theta V take the time lapse photo with cable switch and charging with the power bank at the same time? Is it impossible with it?

Moreover, anyone know how to use e played back in 360º on a monitor such as TV??

Several people are using the USB API (not the cable switch) for charging and taking pictures. One example:

There’s some alternatives here. I do not know if you can charge the THETA while you’re using the official USB trigger. I don’t think so, but I have not tested it.

Are you streaming to the TV or just displaying pictures?

If you’re just displaying pictures, here’s an example.

Dear @codetricity,

Really thanks your detail information with different questions.

Regarding the charging and talking pictures issue, due to not familiar with USB API programming, I gave up with it.

Yes, I just displaying pictures on the TV. After I studied your post"HowTo: THETA V Easy Remote Playback Technique Without Miracast Display Adapter", I think the concept maybe apply on chromecast ultra, I need to try it because my TV have no Wifi function, isn’t it?

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If your TV does not have Miracast in it, you would need a Miracast adapter. Note that I have not tested a Miracast adapter, I have only used the Windows 10 function of my computer. I suggest you try it on Windows 10 first prior to purchasing an adapter. Note that I am only listing the ones below because they show good ratings on Amazon. I do not know if they work. Be aware that the plug-in can be glitchy for some people, so definitely test the remote playback plug-in on your Windows 10 machine or your friend’s computer first before you spend money on an adapter.

@Bob_White might be willing to sell you a completed Little Black Box based on a Raspberry Pi. It uses WiFi to take the timelapse pictures. Bob is in the US, so shipping to other countries may be problematic. I don’t know if he’s selling the units or not.