USB Remote Accessory Alternatives for Theta S

Prezados bom dia. Sei que existe um acessório disparador via cabo USB para a Theta S, mas o produto é caro e difícil de obter por aqui (Brasil), haveria uma forma de construir esse disparador ? Alguém sabe como é o circuito elétrico desse acessório ?

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Dears, good morning. I know there is a USB cable trigger accessory for Theta S, but the product is expensive and hard to get here (Brazil), would there be a way to build this trigger? Does anyone know what the electrical circuit of this accessory is?

@Sergio_Ravara_Barra1 Please write in English :blush:
we have over 250 meters connection reach via WiFi and never had to use a cable
the self timer works as well

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I understand, but when I use a pole stick or I want to look at the camera to make a video without having to look or run the app via mobile would be easier. I’m talking about the accessory available at the CA-3 cable switch
Cable switch
This is a cable switch to operate the camera shutter.
Supported models Compatible models: RICOH THETA V, S, SC

  • Please insert the USB cable bundled with the purchased camera. An AAA battery is required to purchase separately.
  • Half-press shutter function is not applicable.
  • When you mount RICOH THETA on a tripod or some other accessory, it may interfere with the cable that you insert into the terminal on the camera. If that happens, we recommend that you use the TE-1 Extension Adapter.

There’s a circuit in the trigger. It’s not just electrical wires. You may not be able to build it on your own.

You can use string.

Multiple people have done this.

You can also use a Raspberry Pi Zero, but you’ll need to add a physical button to the Raspberry Pi.

Numerous other triggers have been built.

This solution by @Bob_White might be a good one for you. Maybe you can buy a unit from him?


Little Black Box Mini powered by an external battery.

Pi Zero W using internal wifi to connect to the Theta S plus a second external WIFI access point is used to allow connection to the Pi Theta webpage and for SSH connections to the Pi.

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One good upgrade
to the THETA hardware were a small micro pin shutter conection in the bottom of the camera for connection of a Selfie stick with shutter button
all right
This is not a new invention but are in use on other Camera brands like the Madv360 as i call it
it is rather Handy to have the camera connected to the Phone in the pocket via Wifi and shoot the images with the Selfie stick
The GPS info are then transferred from the phone and tagged
in the image file in the camera

the camera takes a full360 degree image so a preview are not always necessary

keeping the selfie stick above the head vertical makes it easy to patch the nadir and remove the Photographer on the final image

furthermore when shooting in horizontal view
the person shooting looks more pleasant on the image
than a guy standing starring on his iPhone :slight_smile:
Regards Svendus