Theta video quality

when im converting the video from the desktop app the quality is great.
but when i take it out and play regular on my desktop it turnes to bad quality video.

what i can do ?

Can you post a screenshot of what you mean by “bad quality”? The resolution in a 360 viewer is going to appear to be lower because you’re only viewing a portion of the full frame.

The viewing resolution as a 360 movie will appear like something between 480p and 720p, not 4K.

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watch this virtual tour i did with kuula :

the photos seems not to look clean. like they have small dots “noise” .
the quality of the 360 images are way better at the theta app and also at the thetea desktop app then when i take it out . why is that ?

thanks for the help !

Your images look good on my browser. If you’re trying to eliminate light “noise” in low light conditions, You may need to take different images of the same room and use post production. If you rotate the camera 90 degrees between shots, you can merge the different layers together. You can also combine different light exposures.

If you just want to take one shot on automatic Noise reduction or HDR, try to eliminate the light coming in from the window.

The camera is getting light from the window by the stairs in this shot and can’t compensate for the lower light in the room.

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