Blurry/Unstable image with Theta Z1

Hi, I recently bought Theta Z1, facing an issue with image quality (unstable & blurry), kindly guide as how to fix this issue.


With default HDR Rendering, WB AUTO. Dim light conditions.

Max zoom on mobile

Same picture viewed on desktop 360 image viewer.

Have you looked at the image on a desktop image viewer?

With brighter lighting

This is the same picture with the view rotated.

Same picture, rotated so that you can see the camera position relative to the box.

My suspicion is that the image is okay, but the mobile app may be displaying a blurred image. Can you check it in something like Lightroom?

Hi Craig, your suspicion turned out to be correct, images are fine when processed. Thanks for your insight. Appreciated.

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Thanks for reporting back on your progress.

BTW, can you let us know what type of camera / mobile OS you’re using?

There’s a couple of things that might help:

  1. you can try 5GHz and 2.4GHz connection between the Z1 and you mobile phone. The 5GHz is faster and may yield faster download times to your mobile phone
  2. If you are using an Android device, turn off the mobile data when you are connect to the Z1 with WiFi. On some Android device, the mobile data interferes with the Wi-Fi.

I’m using both android and ios devices on mobile phone & ipad respectively. Thanks for sharing 2 key points…

Please suggest, how to get optimum image quality from Ricoh Theta Z1 on Matterport platform for 3D scanning.