Theta X vs Theta Z1 benchmark comparison

I thought one way to compare the brand new Theta X to Z1 is to try to use some android benchmark tools, which check CPU power, lot of graphical tests. This information may be important, but also it’s not only about speed, clearly it may happen that there is a GPU/CPU inside that is very fast, but it generates too much heat, so it’s operation may be extremely limited in time… This is why it’s hard to compare power of two devices.
With firmware updates, Ricoh will be able to programmatically control this, to maximize CPU power in order to increase operation time and decrease heat in the camera. I’m sure there was a similar process at Z1 too past 1-2 years.

For my use case video encoding, especially for live streaming it’s quite important to be able to work for longer time in a pleasant room temperature. So a balance between CPU power and heat/operation time is extremely important… also to be able to record longer videos.

Theta X benchmark done with tool Geekbench 5:

Theta Z1 results:

There is a significant difference at single core comparison, Theta X is the winner, however this may not represent the real difference in daily usage, just a reference value…

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Wow, this is fascinating. If both the X and Z1 have 8 core CPU, why isn’t the X multi-core score much higher?

The Z1 is closer to 8 * 164.

It seems like the X should be much higher than 1161 for multi-core score if the single core score is 432…

Is it because the Z1 has all 8 cores running at 2.02GHz and the X has 6 cores running at 1.71GHz and 2 cores at 2.52 GHz, thus making the single core results for the X much higher, but for multi-core, it is using 6 * 1.71GHz cores?

not sure, but it may be also related to services running in background… I think at Z1 ricoh did a lot of improvements through firmware on that. So I think it’s just not “optimized” yet enough. At the end it from numbers and the fact that Theta X can use wireless live streaming plugin made by Ricoh and stream around 25-28FPS is good enough I think to say this camera has some potentials and will improve with firmware updates. My concern is that only the heat issue, it’s extreme…