Theta X vs Z1 - live streaming comparison via WiFi

I got my Theta X a few days back. I had some time now to play with it, for me live streaming is very important as some of you may know already. I’m developing a plugin for longer time now “HDR Wireless Live Streaming” as the original Ricoh made plugin “Wireless Live Streaming” wasn’t working good enough for me.

So I setup in Theta X the ricohs plugin as it was updated by Ricoh to work on X too and I run in Z1 the plugin I’m working on and it’s very close to finalize and let people do beta testing.

I was live streaming through the same network at the same time, bitrate was set to an acceptable 20mbps.

as far as I know this is the first Theta X live stream sample that I made today by using Ricoh’s free Wireless Live Streaming plugin: Theta X - real life live stream sample - YouTube

here is the live stream using Z1 and HDR Wireless Live Streaming plugin:

There are differences in feature set, like at my plugin user is able to place nadir logo to the bottom of stream, it provides more protocol support like RTMP, RTSP and SRT too (this latest may work in ultra low latency mode), processing is more efficient so in theory my plugin should work “better” or longer compared to original plugin, but it’s not available yet for Theta X. A real comparison will come once I adjust my plugin to work on Theta X too.

Regarding Ricoh’s plugin I was able to detect some instability during live stream some frames were dropped and another issue was that Theta X was overheating in about 4 minutes.

During above samples I was streaming from outdoor and it was around 45°F (~7°C) so I was able to stream for those 10-12 minutes without heating issue.

Stitching was worse in Z1 in this stream, because I’m doing some stitching adjustments by my plugin too, but it will be switchable so original Ricoh provided stitching will also work… About stitching: I’m trying to cover some unique stiching adjustments, so every camera stitching could be adjusted and stored the configuration on for next time.

I hope that YT will not delete above samples, for some reason YT deleted lot of my earlier archives… :frowning:

I’m planning to provide further updates on this topic here. Feel free to ask any questions or give notes.



The Theta X sample archive was removed by YouTube… Seems they are lack of space there… :frowning:

is there any information on YouTube as to what causes the deletion? Can you download and the file and then upload it to a YouTube playlist? I use this to test YouTube

They can decide to remove an archive without reason If I understood correctly… I was searching about this on google and found other are also facing this. They have an algorithm to pick what to delete.

Is it possible to move the live stream archive to a normal YouTube video on a playlist?

I don’t know, I do not see that option in YouTube studio. I may overused live streaming last half year on that account… :slight_smile: Any way I did my best to delete ASAP those that were done during development.

I’ve often wondered if there is a hidden CPU utilization cap on YouTube accounts. However, if there were a cap, don’t you think that other people would have figured out that there is a cap and that there would be discussion of this on forums?

At the moment, I don’t think there is a utilization cap. I think that your earlier guess that YouTube is doing work on servers might be a better guess.

yes it may be on their servers something in progress, very strange and frustrating. Especially that video I did at the same time from Z1 and X. :slight_smile: one of them was removed by YouTube.