Update to Wireless Live Streaming Plug-in

RICOH just updated the Wireless live streaming plug-in. The plug-in can stream live 360 degree video to YouTube via RTMP directly from a THETA.

The announcement says the two updates are for THETA X. I have not tested it myself:

  • Top-bottom correction
  • Dynamic stitching

The plug-in works with X, Z1 and even V.

Announcement here: Notice of RICOH THETA plug-in upgrade - トピックス(米国)

Plug-in here: https://github.com/ricohapi/theta-plugins/tree/main/plugins/com.theta360.cloudstreaming
Code here: GitHub - ricohapi/theta-wireless-live-streaming-plugin: Wireless live streaming plug-in for RICOH THETA

@biviel Maybe something to look at?

Hi, @jcasman , thanks for sharing! I jumped to it right away to stream and test and compare to the “HDR Wireless Live Streaming Plugin” I developed. Here is a comparison using SAME bitrate 40mbps, 4k resolution.

For some reason Ricoh’s plugin is able to stream only in ~12FPS in average… With my plugin 24FPS is a stable stream.

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@biviel This is an excellent video showing the difference between the open source wireless live streaming plug-in and all the enhancements you made using HDR, audio gain, h256 (not shown in the video) and more.

The smoothness of the HDR wireless live streaming and the increased gain in the audio is very clear to me. Nice work!

I’m adding a short summary here of the main details. Can you correct any mistakes? When will the new version be available on the plug-in store?


Network environment is 40mbs streaming to Wi-Fi, no addition encoded

RICOH wireless live streaming plug-in v1.2.3

  • Default setting is 4k resolution, 30fps - but actual maxim is 12-13fps maximum

HDR wireless live streaming plug-in

  • Z1 only
  • 24fps, demoed here. Currently this is maximum stable parameter.
  • Runs in HDR mode.
    • Can be set to non-HDR
    • In HDR, stitching is not as good, Laszlo looking to improve
  • Can do h265
    • In this test, streaming to YouTube which does not support h265
  • Improvement in audio quality. Added dynamic gain. Main voice is significantly louder, background noises more noticeable
  • Shows Flow Tours logo at nadir, rendered dynamically

New version, coming soon!

  • Support for SRT protocol
  • Adaptive bitrate so it adjusts to actual network speed
  • Support for cable using OBS, vMix. Encoding will happen in-camera.
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