Theta Z1 home repair

Hello all. I took a gamble on a used unit from Ebay and sadly it seems to have some issues. I could return it and get a different one, but I’d like to see if a home repair is possible first.

Issue 1: A tiny scratch on the rear lens
This is not a huge problem, as it’s barely noticeable in the final images. Still, it would be nice to fix if possible. I have heard of people using automotive scratch remover to fix lens damage, but I’m somewhat skeptical of this claim. Perhaps it works for a surface level scratch.
Has anyone tried it?

Issue 2: Front lens focus seems to be stuck
I’m not sure if the Z1 is fixed focus or can be adjusted. But either way, the front lens is stuck at minimum focus. Has anyone attempted this repair themselves? Or at least knows how one might go about it. If it was dropped previously, maybe a power connector was dislodged.

I know many of you will likely recommend just getting a new one, but e-waste reduction is important to me and I’d like to try the repair route first.

I have not heard of successful fixes using scratch remover.

I have heard of success by buying another broken unit with an intact lens assembly and then swapping the lens assembly as a complete unit.

I have heard of people taking the unit apart.

There is more info here:

You should search on Facebook Groups or Google for people that may have documented the Z1 disassembly. If you find a video of the disassembly, please post it here.

You may be able to take it apart and put it back together. However, you may completely brick (break) the camera on the disassembly.

Personally, I have only taken apart a V and I only changed the battery. Fortunately, my Z1 is still working.

I remember reading more about attempts to fix the lens on the Facebook Groups.