Theta V scratched lens

Dear All,

I have a Theta V with one of the lenses scratched.

Is there a way to buy ricoh lens parts to fix it? Are theta S lenses identical to Theta V? Anybody want to share the experience because these lenses are so exposed and so fragile that I dont think I am the only one.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find discussions on the web.

There are several discussions on this forum and on facebook groups. There have been no successful fixes. For very small chips, people have tried automobile windshield epoxy with mixed results.

No one has successfully replaced the lens by buying broken THETA.

Can you use this plug-in?

Yeah it looks like the lens can get easily scratched. I brought a lens cap for mine. They had a lens cap with a silicone skin, but people were complaining it left a black line in the image. So I opted for a lens cap only.

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Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know that RICOH makes lens caps for THETAs.

This is a lenses protect for keep the camera safe in carried.Can not use when shooting pictures.

In China I found some “taobao”shop can fix lenses.It will charge about $50-100.

They only change a new lenses mode,not fix glass or change the cover of the lenses.

I think they are just getting some broken camera part to do this.

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I find it somewhat strange that people are not able to substitute the lens for another part taken from broken Thetas. But it is very annoying that Ricoh doesn’t offer spare parts and services are only available in US for 70% of the price of the camera.
I will see if they can send me these lenses otherwise I will have to make a huge post reviewing this situation.

Anyway, thanks for all the information!


LOL! Of course you can’t shoot with the lens cap on, it is only for storage. The other case and lens cap I was referring to, was this one with a silicon body sleeve. (See Link) There were reviews that said the silicone body sleeve left a black line in the picture.

These ‘lenses’ are not just lenses but the complete optical module consisting of two lenses, two prisms and two sensors assembled and adjusted into a component.

See also:

This is a highly delicate optical design requiring special tools for assembly and adjustment during manufacturing. There is no chance to disassemble this module in order to ‘fix’ its parts such as a scratched outer lens element. Not even Ricoh can do this. If you need a fix, just replace the complete unit!

In addition, this optical module is probably the most expensive part of the complete camera. Getting it as a spare part will not reduce repair costs significantly. And when talking about using the module from broken cameras you should consider that most THETAs are broken due to a scratched lens. :wink:

Good luck!