Theta z1 lightroom plugin no compatible DNG file

I’ve just bought the theta z1 and I’ve installed the theta z1 plugin stitcher in my latest lightroom 9.1, but when I try to export (or edit) in theta 360 stitcher I receive a “no compatible DNG files”. Please can anyone help me to resolve?

Thank you

this is my current settings

Ok, problem identified…the problem was that dng was transfered with hirota dng transfer app (android) from z1 to smartphone and from smartphone to pc. no problem instead if the dng on camera is transfered from z1 to pc via usb cable.


Oh, great. Thanks for posting the resolution. No problem importing into Lightroom now?

nothing. no more “no compatible DNG files” message anymore

just another notice, in lightroom with dng bracketing shots from z1 the “align” option should not be used on hdr blending because the final blended image isn’t recognized correctly from ricoh stitching plugin

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This is really useful. Do you mind if I add these tips to this page here: