Theta Z1 - HDR Bracketing and Stitching in Lightroom CC

is it possible to merge 3 or 5 DNG Images in Lightroom and after merging stitch the result in Lightroom?
I alway get errors.
I tried differnt things - for example first merging to a new DNG file and then stitching. But stitching is alway a problem with exported DNG files.
Maybe someone has got an idea?
Thanks for help!

Yes, this works fine for me.

Just describe the steps of your workflow and the actual error messages you get.


Hi CorLeone,

thanks for your reply.

  1. Import of 3 DNG original Theta Z1 Files to Library and Develop
  2. Select these files and rightclick to PhotoMerge / HDR
  3. Created HDR opens as new image (4) in Develop
  4. Change options in image 4
  5. rightclick on image 4 and choose “edit in” / edit in RICOH THETA Stitcher.exe
  6. mini window opens with 3 options
  7. Choose one and click edit
  8. opens RICOH THETA Stitcher v.1.00.4
  9. strange distorted image appears on this window.
  10. Result is a distorted tif File

Thanks for your help!


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Thanks again, sometimes it helps just by say this works :slight_smile:
Now i know, i have to deselect “auto align”

:slight_smile: Great Images now - Theta Z1 !!!

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Great! This was just my guess as this exactly the workflow I‘m using. :grinning:

Lightroom can not properly align the images and will also alter image dimensions.


@CorLeone This is a great tip. Thanks for letting people know about it.

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