THETA Z1 Stitcher stitch photo without DNG file

Need a way stitch photo only need dual fisheye jpg without DNG file .
Because the DNG filesize is too large than JPG file.
And Need
Shoot twice in the same place, cut half and splice into one . The first time the photographer stood on one side of the camera, the second time on the other side, and finally took the part that didn’t shoot people, only the scenery that needed to be shot.

Use PTGui to stitch the file. Or, if you want to use open source, you can use hugin.

For the time shift, use the built-in time shift feature of the Z1.

This is exactly the workflow that I’m trying to do (except I may use DNG instead of JPG). It would be great to find a way to blend two fisheye images and remove the photographer in Adobe PS.

The RICOH THETA stitcher on Mac/Windows is free and now works as a standalone application without Lightroom. You need to have the DNG file on your computer, in the same folder as the JPG (or TIFF).

Download | RICOH THETA

If you don’t want to use the free RICOH THETA stitcher, PTGUI has a preset for RICOH THETA Z1 images and has additional features such as batch stitching.

See this example workflow with Pixelmator Pro by @Juantonto