Thetastitcher registry edit

After hitting the install button on the thetastitcher executable file with admin privileges on a user account and it completing its install. I dont see any new icons populating or the stitcher program appearing in my list of new programs to use. I’ve searched using the windows search as well as using the search program title “everything”. I did the same on my admin level user and everything works fine. So im assuming this has to do with registry permissions. I was wondering if anyone has ran into the same issue and how they have fixed it . If it helps I do get a prompt before the install starts to put in my admin password and after doing so the install runs fine.

listed on search of apps

not listed on menu.


can pin to task bar


installed on Windows 10. appears on desktop


C:\Program Files\RICOH THETA Stitcher

I didn’t need admin privileges

stitcher_manual_w_en_v3.00.0.pdf (560.9 KB)

Thanks for replying, I since have found a way to put the Icon from my admin account in the public desktop and the program launches fine on my “user” account. Now im running into another issue