Windows Theta App fails install "An error has occurred Sorry, please perform the operation again from the start."

I want to install the newest firmware for my Z1, and instructions say I need to do it from a desktop.
Trying to install the windows app downloaded from Ricoh’s site directly.
The install gets to what feels like the end of the process, then fails and I get a popup error.

Try to do it again. It now says the application is already running. Windows task manager shows that RICOH THETA.exe is running w 30MB of RAM. Cannot switch to a window of the application open anywhere. END TASK.

Try the installation again. Same error.

I’ve been using Ricoh’s Theta ecosystem, including the windows app, over the last 8+ years. Never had this happen.

You can also install the firmware with the mobile app. You should back up your media prior to the firmware upgrade just to be safe. Make sure the camera is close to a full charge.

For the desktop app, try to uninstall the app and then reinstall it.





I had to get into the Wireless LAN mode for that to work, and once I did it was fine.
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the windows app several times. Must be some files that aren’t getting cleared out or something.

I turned camera on and off after installing the new firmware and went to bed. Woke up this morning and the battery is completely drained. So strange as it was in “power down” mode, not just sleep.

Just charged it to full, and I will check it again later today.

@SouthBaySmith Did you find a resolution for this issue? I just set up a new Windows 11 Pro laptop. I went to install the Desktop app and I’m receiving the same Error message as you stated above. Oddly the UNC path is in the users profile instead of C:\program files (or program files x86). I verified full securuity rights to the root folder and app for the user. Once I clear the error message and attempt to launch the app, nothing happens but I see the app running in Task Manager

Regrettably, no. I found no resolution, except to give up and just use a different computer.