Top 6 RICOH THETA Community Posts in 2017

Top 6 RICOH THETA Community Posts in 2017

2017 was a big year for the RICOH THETA! Based on page views, we’ve collected the Top 6 most popular community posts on in all of 2017. The list shows off lots of community interactions, including useful tutorials and videos, as well as a long list of individuals sharing info and answering questions. Enjoy!

  1. HowTo: RICOH THETA V 4K Live Streaming With “UVC 4K” Driver For Windows 10 Thanks to ton to all the community members who participated, including @alexholzreiter, @Brian_Gilmour, @MarkTheCaz, @harryosborne21, @Abigail, @Janosch, @TektonikaStudios, @Antoine_Aparicio, @Mikhael_Bahmed, @Gabriel_Fleury, @bunver, @_mattdaly, @Zvonimir_Crnkovic, @Peter_Staab, @Louis_Hant, @Habib_Michael, @Christopher_Lidbom, @simonsky, @Dan, @WenSongLee, @skyiver, @slamdisques, @yesssc, @jfreeZr, @Jan_Galaktyczny, @kevin.pfeil, @Matt_V, @designerfx, @AuYb123

  2. Ricoh Theta V - Top 10 features; plus: comparison with other popular 360 cameras Thanks to Mic Ty (@360rumorsblog) for an amazingly deep dive in a short span of time

  3. THETA to Support 4K Video, Spatial Audio and Open Camera OS Thanks for adding extra info to the initial announcement from @Bob_White, @codetricity, @Svendus and more

  4. Tutorial: Live Ricoh Theta S Dual Fish Eye for SteamVR in Unity Thanks to community member @zimmermegan for an incredible tutorial, widely used and referenced

  5. Shooting Time-Lapse with THETA S Thanks to contributions from community members @Svendus, @looeee, @Jason_Sievers, @tomriddle1234 and more

  6. Raspberry Pi 360 Challenge Thanks to everyone who participated including @khufkens, @Pablo_Gaiazzi, @Svendus, @alfski, @squizard360 and more