Transfer a folder from my computer to RICHO Theta V


Hello, I want to know how I can transfer a folder from my computer to the DCMI folder of my RICHO Theta V camera.




I’ve solved my problem.

Thank you


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did you just drag and drop it onto the camera? Or use something like ImageCapture on the Mac?


Hello, I’m currently participating in the contest. The project I’m doing requires the camera to have some files hosted in the Download folder. By default, the camera does not allow the transfer of files, at least is the conclusion I came to, as I tried to copy my file in many ways. Seeing that it was not possible to transfer the folder to the camera, I programmed a web service in flask. This web service allows me to host my file in zip format. The plugin of the camera I’m developing connects to this web service and downloads it. Once downloaded and with the permissions:


activated, the plugin decompresses the zip in my “Download” folder or wherever I want. This may be a bit complicated, but it has worked for me.

Regards Jaime

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HDR plugin to automatically create EXR file. For VFX use

Jaime, thanks for the explanation. This technique could be usable for other file formats.


Hi codetricity yes, you only need to locate the file in the “static” folder of your flask server. If you want to download many files I recommend you that use a zip file.



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