Using HDRI Files With Unity

Brad Herman explains how to use HDRI files in Unity to see how lighting affects your characters and assets. Note that he’s using an older camera. The newer THETA V is faster and has higher resolution.

Using a Ricoh Theta m15 360 camera and my Custom App 360 HDR Bracket Pro we can create High Dynamic Range Capture. These images can be used in Visual Effects, Virtual Reality, and Game Development. here we see a live realtime recording showing off a selection of Captured Images lighting example materials. This process changes 360 HDR capture from a $3500 rig and several minutes to $350 and does the work in 60 seconds. The source HDR exr files are being validated for color calibration and quality by Visual Effects Studios and Researchers around the world.

Have you seen those amazing images of scenes lit with complex lighting in AAA games and films? This is how they do it. Each image is a 13 EV exposure HDR that has been specifically calibrated for Unity 5. Just Drag the Skybox material into the background of your scene and let unity 5 do the rest. Be sure and turn on the HDR camera switch and use tone mapping for best results.

It looks like he’s using ISO senstivity. He’s using the m15 in the video, so he’d have to be using the PTP API.



9 Capture Values

longest is 1/10 @ iso1600 , shortest is 1/8000 @ iso100

From comments

potential HDR 360 Bracket Pro

Currently I’m using Vfx HDR which takes 13 photos to merge into an hdri,

Brad Herman comment

1/8000 is only in theta m15, not on the S sadly. It’s a limit from Ricoh. However the S can do exposures as long as 60 seconds so it’s much better in low light. Android has been requested before. It’s under consideration.

MEC4D 2 years ago
+Brad Herman 1/8000 is under video in Theta S but they limited the option for stills , I was talking to Ricoh with suggestions and they appreciated it but what they came lately with was the HDR rendering function under Auto mode what is total not what I expected to be , since it just render 1 tone mapped jpg , the shutter setting as of today are in focus for more indoor shots than outdoor , I am getting fantastic results for regular or brackets for HDR but mostly indoor . The high aperture of the lenses and the 1/6400 maximum shutter speed is sadly not enough for outdoor productions especially in a sunny day scenarios where each of the images are burned and completely not usable for HDR… looking forward to the new Android app anyway

From Brad’s site:

Fixed Brackets
This mode takes the same exposures each time, the schedule is defined by the Image count you select.
Ranging from 1/6400 to 1/1.6 seconds.
The point of this mode is that it shoots as fast as the camera can to slow enough for most scenes.
White Balance: We don’t have access to raw so you have to pick one. Daylight is recommended as it’s closest to the native sensor data.

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