Using THETA With Arduino - Saving Settings


Hello, not sure if it would be best to revive this topic or not. I actually am xavier_pestana but I made a new account.

Anyway, I am using an Arduino with a wifi module to send post commands to my Ricoh Theta S. The Arduino UNO has very limited memory to store all the post commands I need to send, and currently I am using a POST command to set the settings I want before I have the camera begin taking photos. Yesterday I came across the camera.setMySettings command. Does this command “save” my settings between sessions?

If it does that may allow me to get rid of the POST command which sets my settings and free up some memory to have a command check for completion of the photo being taken instead!

If this is more appropriate to post in its own thread I’m sorry!

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First, thank you for posting. We enjoy your presence in the community. If you can post the Arduino code with the WiFi module, that would be cool.

For camera.setMySettings, there is only a subset of the commands that can be saved to the camera. See this chart:

These generally relate to the camera color, exposure, shutter speed type of settings.

As you can see from the chart, the normal settings options is more extensive. And, I think this is what you want. When you change the setting with the normal POST command, doesn’t it save the things like exposureDelay into the camera?

Or, if you’re changing the settings with the Arduino between shots, then you will need to save it to the Arduino.

BTW, are you using an ESP8266 as the HTTP client?