Viewing full 360 vs 180

On my Jetson Xavier NX, I have been able to successfully connect the Theta V and create a /dev/video0 device that streams the full 360 video (from both lenses) in VLC as well as via gst-launcher

However, when I call the following on Jetson, I only see the 180 video from one lens.

import jetson.utils
camera = jetson.utils.videoSource("/dev/video0")

Full source code is here:

What do I need to do in order to see the full 360 video using jetson.utils.videoSource?

I found the solution. I had to explicitly resize the input image (3840x1920) to (1920x1080).


Thanks for reporting back on your success. Did you intentionally set the live stream resolution to 1920x1080 in order to get DetectNet working?

I have my NVIDIA Jetson working with a 1920x1080 stream, but I was hoping that the Jetson Xavier NX could handle 4K streaming.

I’m getting 23fps with the 2K stream.

Perhaps like you, I went through a few of the DetectNet training tutorials here

Those tutorials by Dusty are quite good.

As my son is studying aquatic biology, I’ve wanted to go through this tutorial on a fish detector.

However, I have not tried to build the tutorial yet.

Hi Craig,

Yes, here are the 2 approaches that worked.

  1. Set the Ricoh Theta resolution to 4k. Then, in dusty’s tutorials, rescale to 1920x1080. See dusty’s solution and response to me here:

  2. I updated gst_viewer.c to set the camera to FHD instead of UHD. Then, all the code in dusty’s tutorial works fine as is

Since I am using Xavier, I am seeing between 120-150 FPS depending on the approach you take

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