Vslam plugin does not work with the Z1. Will that change? Alternatives?

It seems OpenVSLAM has been pulled and the theta plugin vslam does not work with the Z1.
What are others if anyone using to get odometry and point clouds from video or images shot on the Z1?
What would be the best settings to acquire a equirectangular image with the most dynamic range. I plan on shooting outdoors with lots of sun and shade differences in the scene. Would HDR or bracketed work best. I remember reading there was like a one button click on the X to take like 11 or so images at different ev and stitch back together. Option on the z1?
I don’t have Lightroom or other expensive Adobe products. What other software would be good to take stacked images and combine to equirectangular images.

From Z1 in real-time

As the open vslam project was archived, you may want to look at stella_vslam

I tried Meshroom

I think you will have better results with Pix4Dmapper or Agisoft PhotoScan

It seems like the RICOH THETA is in the camera database for Pix4D

This paper is interesting.