What does it require to develop a plugin for 360 live streaming?

Hi all,
I am planning to develop a 360 live streaming plugin for Richo Theta Z1 and broadcast the stream in Web browser and webVR , What does require?
in term of developing language, framework, server for broadcasting, etc.


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first of all, search on google, learn, debug, learn and optimize code.

For a really good start, I would look for existing plugins, lot of them is shared and open source. Also Ricoh made and exposed lot of them. For example here is their Wireless Live Streaming plugin complete code: GitHub - ricohapi/theta-wireless-live-streaming-plugin: Wireless live streaming plug-in for RICOH THETA I also started with this. I’m not sure if latest version works fine on Theta Z1 or not, I think I tried a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t working, so not sure. If it’s not working try an older version from 1-2 years back.

Use that source code I shared, learn, search for it, analyze, grab articles from internet, plenty of resources available.

Also I used the articles, comments, knowledge shared on this community website, so please search across this site too.

You may want to consider attempting to license an existing plug-in from a commercial developer such as @biviel . He has a stable plug-in called HDR Wireless Live Streaming Plug-in.

If the streaming technology is not part of your main competitive advantage and you primarily want to offer a service, a partnership with license fee may be cheaper and result in a faster time to market.

If you wish to development your own plug-in, you first need to apply for the partner program (free)

1. apply for partner program


2. refer to API and getting started information

You then need to refer to the API specs for the plug-in


3. get library and SDK

GitHub - ricohapi/theta-plugin-sdk: THETA Plugin SDK

GitHub - ricohapi/theta-plugin-library: RICOH THETA Plug-in Library

4. refer to sample

there are different ways to trigger camera functions.

Refer to these examples

GitHub - ricohapi/theta-plugin-camera-api-sample: THETA Sample Plug-in: CameraAPI Capture Plugin

more complex examples

GitHub - ricohapi/theta-automatic-face-blur-plugin: Automatic face blur plug-in for RICOH THETA

GitHub - ricohapi/theta-plugin-vslam-sample


@craig , just a notice or rather question from my end, as I’m not sure. Will putting a device to developer mode, break warranty of the device?

I believe it will void the warranty.

I haven’t seen the new registration form since RICOH changed their developer site. There used to be a notice that putting the device into developer mode would void the warranty.

I just requested for a new partner registration form on the public site. I haven’t received the form yet.

Submitting the previous form voided the warranty.

As you spent so much time developing your plug-in, companies should consider licensing your plug-in as an OEM white-label.

If you have money coming in from an OEM deal, you could focus more resources on development.

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