New AEB settings

I carefully analyzed the default settings of the new AEB function on my Ricoh Theta Z1

I have attached a table which I suggest you refer to in order to understand my question.

The first 4 groups correspond to the default settings for the steps of 1EV 1.3EV 1.7EV and 2EV respectively

the 1.7 ev pitch is particularly suitable for producing my 360 HDRs (ptgui)
I note that step 0 corresponds for the first 4 groups (default) to 1/320

but I note that the values of the first two shots are separated by 1.3 EV (instead of 1.7 EV)

I drew up a 5th table which shows that it would be possible to better chain the stages for a global dynamic comparable to the current version

Would someone here be able to explain the current settings to me and possibly tell me if it would be possible to modify the exposure settings according to the values proposed in my table.

TABLEAU DES ETAPES v2.pdf (124.8 KB)

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I am not that familiar with the AEB function.

Are you saying that the exposure time is not set up optimally and you want it similar to the one below?

this is the API

Is there any setting in the API that would help?