Workflow for Zillow 360 Tours

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Greetings, I searched for an answer but can’t find. Is it possible to import equirectangular images into Richo software to covert the output? I have some existing PTGUI output files for an interior project, and I would like to add to a future set of Theta images as part of a tour. Is there a 3rd party app or workflow available for integration with Ricoh?

Thank you

What are you converting the equirectangular image to?

You can get equirectangular images into the RICOH desktop and mobile apps and view them as a 360 image you can navigate.

There is a long list of apps here:

Hi, Thank you. I would specifically like to use them in Zillow 360 tours. Currently Zillow only supports iPhone and Theta input. I have shot 360’s with an SLR for years, and will begin using a Theta soon as well. I like the idea of being able to use SLR for some situations and outputting via Ricoh for Zillow. Not sure of the workflow yet - thank you again for the info ~ Andre

Feel free to ask more questions as you develop your workflow with Zillow.

For indoor real estate shots, you may want to check out the dual-fisheye plug-in by Ichi Hirota

Check out the quality of Sam Rohn’s shots. Quite nice for a 360 camera!

Dual Fisheye Plug-in is free

DNG Transfer to mobile phone is free

Note that you only need this for a mobile workflow. If you edit the pictures on your desktop, you can transfer the pictures with a USB cable and edit in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Z1 Stitcher is about $15

Note that if you have a desktop workflow, you can use the free Lightroom Plug-in. You only need the Z1 Stitcher for a mobile workflow.

If you want to work with 16bit floating point super high dynamic range RAW images, you need the Z1 Stitcher. The adobe lightroom plug-in will stitch 12bit DNG (which is the default coming from the Z1)

DualFisheye Plug-in Remote is $18

You don’t need this to use the plug-in. However, if you like the free plug-in, you may like the plug-in remote to help your workflow. And, the cost is reasonable.


PTGui has a template for the Z1 DNG. See this article for more information. This article on GIMP and darktable also has more information.

Thank you for the info. This is a great resouce. It looks like right now, 360 images can only be created for Zillow using the Zillow 360 App. From Zillow: “Only photos that are captured and processed using the Zillow 3D Home app can be used to create a Zillow 3D Home tour. There is no import option for adding panoramas captured outside of the app.”

I didn’t know that.

The app does seem to work with the THETA.

The Zillow site only shows the V, but I’m assuming it works with the Z1.

That is correct the app does work with the Theta. I was not clear. I’m trying to use 360 images shot with a dSLR and find a work around for getting them into Zillow. I had hoped there might be a work around where I could use both dSLR images and those created on Theta via a 3rd party app or Ricoh software. The limitation appears to be the Zillow app. Thank you

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