11 Best AR/VR Blogs

AR and VR are both blowing up right now, so there’s a lot of information available. Here’s a curated list of 11 blogs (EDIT: ok, it’s a solid dozen now) if you’re looking for some information. If you like a blog and don’t see it up here, post a link in the comments and I’ll see if it’s good enough to replace one of these :wink:.

Augmented Reality Blogs:

Virtual Reality Blogs:

  • Road to VR: Great news source that also has a good AR category if you search for it.
  • VR Guy: Technical VR information for those of you who are a little more hardcore.
  • VR Focus: Solid general news site.
  • Leap Motion Blog: I tried to keep company-specific blogs off here, but Leap Motion includes guest bloggers, and what they’re doing with hand tracking is really impressive.
  • Upload VR: Another general news site run by a co-working space focused on VR. I couldn’t decide between the two…
  • VR Scout: News, videos, and podcasts from a group with their own VR studio space.
  • :new: New School VR: Blog and podcast focussed on VR & AR assisted learning, founded Oct 2016

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Hey guys - would love to add New School VR to this list. (http://newschoolvr.com) It’s a blog and podcast focussed on VR & AR assisted learning, founded in Oct. 2016. Thanks in advance for the consideration!


Updated! You’re up in Portland? Sponsored by Concordia University?

Thanks for adding your site.


Indeed! Thanks Jesse. Very much appreciated.

-Pinky Gonzales

Listening to the Apr 2 podcast with Nearpod. Very polished. I know we have several educators involved in this site and our meetups. I’m forwarding the New School VR link to them.

Thanks man! That’s high praise. The show is just a labor of love so it’s
always nice to hear when people enjoy it or otherwise get something from it.

Thanks again!


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