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Viar360 is now live :D yeey ... try out our V1 & create interactive 360 VR stories

Even if you don’t know the background of Virtual Reality, now you are able to create powerful stories with and publish them online. Virtual Reality has been stepping into our lives gradually and there’s no denying that this time it is here to stay. VIAR is putting its own share on the table by democratizing storytelling with cinematic virtual reality publishing platform that enables everyone to create an immersive 360˚ story without the need of writing a single line of code.

The tool is giving freedom to explore new options of immersive and interactive storytelling to all creative journalists. News media don’t have time or resources to train journalists on how to delve into complicated tasks of building a VR story. Viar360 has everything ready with drag and drop interface.

Viar360 is already being used in 12 top American Journalistic Schools such as Syracuse University, University of Kentucky, Penn State University, Michigan State University, University of Missouri, San Jose State University and others

Stacey Fox, an Artist-in-Residence in the School of Journalism from MSU says: “Our students are enthusiastically crafting on a platform that allows them to create deep-dive, interactive 360-degree stories for the world.”

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Impressive list of journalism schools. Have you just focused there? Or why do you think there’s so much success with journalism schools so far?

It’s new media classes in general. We built our platform to be easy to use. Students like it as they can focus on creating the stories instead learning how to code. Of course, the potential applications of the platform are much wider than just this.

We did a presentation on RICOH THETA and the open API for the Stanford Rabbit Hole VR club last year. Half the room was developers and engineers. But at least half the room was journalists and even students from theater, looking for new techniques in storytelling. Ease of use is definitely important.

That sounds really interesting. Maybe there’s a way for us to collaborate? We are at two ends of the same stick, without 360 cameras VR storytelling would be impossible