360 Journalism Resources and Examples

This document was originally published here

It is a collection of stories and resources shared at the inaugural Journalism 360 Unconference + Demo Night, July 24-25 in New York City. Journalism 360 is a joint initiative of the Knight Foundation, Google News Initiative and Online News Association.

I did not attend the conference. I am sharing the document with this community as I thought it would be of interest. Attribution for this document should be given to the Journalism 360 Unconference group at the link above. I did not organize this info, though I wish that I had.

There are six sections:

  • Connections: ways to connect with the Journalism 360 initiative
  • Stories and experiences
  • Toolkits, guides, how-tos
  • Reports: long reads from an emerging field
  • Notes + recaps: your takeaways!
  • Photos


How to connect with Journalism 360.

Stories + Experiences

Immersive pieces shared at the unconference, for learning and inspiration.

Toolkits, Guides, How-tos


Notes + Recaps

Did you take notes during the unconference? Did you write a recap? Share your takeaways here.


Note on usage: Photos added here are licensed CC BY 4.0. If you’d like to use them for anything, please attribute them to the photographer. Their name is provided via the folder name.