360 Live Streaming Trends - Live Event on Nov 1 at 5pm PT

Learn about trends for 360 live streaming during this live QA event from Palo Alto, California. The event will be streamed wirelessly using a RICOH THETA Z1 so you can see the quality of the live stream over WiFi yourself. Panelists each have 7 years of experience with 360 live streaming technology and all RICOH THETA camera models, including S, V, Z1, X.

Date and Time: 5pm PT, November 1.
Panelists: Jesse Casman and Craig Oda

If you have a question, ask it immediately in the chat box. we will answer the live questions first. We may not get through all the questions, so please ask early.


  • what is the difference between USB, WiFi and mobile data streaming? Can you stream direct from the camera to YouTube without a laptop? Is there a difference in quality?
  • is there a difference in Mac, Windows, Linux, and direct from camera streaming?
  • How to set up the stream, which camera to use. What software do you need?
  • discuss each of the uses
    • entertainment
    • sporting events
    • music events
    • sales events - such as selling homes
    • live virtual tours with a tour guide
    • art galleries
  • What’s the trends of using a VR headset like an Oculus Quest 2 versus web page?
  • How will this fit into the Facebook /Meta strategy for their Metaverse marketplace?
  • What’s the trend for robot as tour guide versus human as tour guide?
  • What is audio like? Can you stream spatial audio?
  • How do I power the camera during the stream. Can the RICOH THETA camera stream from an external battery?
  • What’s the latency like?
    • what’s the lowest possible latency if I stream inside the same physical area?
  • Can I stream with WebRTC to reduce latency and make the experience more interactive?
  • Can I synchronize two camera for stereoscopic depth?
  • Can I stream over Ethernet? Will the camera be powered indefinitely?
  • Can I power the camera indefinitely over USB?
  • Can I turn the camera on with USB and then start streaming?
  • Can I wake the camera up from sleep with USB?
  • Can I connect an external microphone for streaming?
  • can I stream multiple cameras and switch between the cameras for different perspectives?
  • describe the situation with heat.
  • can I stream at 2K instead of 4K to reduce bandwidth requirements?
  • Can I reduce the framerate below 30fps to reduce bandwidth?
  • can I stream from inside of a sewer pipe?
  • how can I provide light during the live stream?

Oppkey has been continually working with 360 video live streaming since the introduction of the THETA S in 2015. The V, X, Z1 models can stream 4K at 30fps.


I’ll be there, looking forward to the discussion with @craig It’s in 360… and about 360! :3theta_s: :thetadev: :theta:


1 hour live stream with no problems!



thanks for sharing! It was a bit late for me, but opened the stream a bit from my mobile phone and it worked fine, was looking nice here. Next time we could make this a real meeting, so that audience could also talk to you…hopefully on flow.tours .

Also I think I could increase a bit microphone gain too.

Stitching correction is on my radar for sure…

Thanks again for live streaming! Good thoughts and information shared during this event.

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We can try it on FlowTours at 9am PT, which is 5pm in Hungary. California will fall back off of daylight savings on Nov 6.

So, the time may be different in Hungary in a couple of weeks.

If there was a way to increase the microphone gain, that would be great.

What height level should I place the camera. Is the plug-in optimized for around a 30cm below eye level?
I’m going to lower the camera in the next live event.

Maybe you and I can talk on Google Meet today to discuss the status and logistics 11/2 at 10am PT, which I think is 6pm in Hungary? If this works, I’ll send you a Google Meet invite, just us two and just using webcams.

BTW, can your system handle more than single channel audio?

hi, @craig ,
we are back already of daylight savings on 30th October. We can meet a bit later today at 10:30am PT, if it works for you? I’m a bit sick with sore throat and feel a bit miserable, but my attitude is as good as possible for a chat. I may rather not use webcam at this time. :slight_smile: just audio if not a problem. I’ve so many things to accomplish, tuning a bit the plugin but even more on flow.tours.

I’m experimenting with an audio gain preset but it would work only if streaming towards flow.tours, also in camera could work by manipulating audio PCM data directly, but not sure about the timing of that.

at the moment in Z1, better to stay closer to the camera, best if camera is close to the eye level, maximum 30 cm below I would say.

In theory it can handle multi channel audio too, it’s not implemented, but I was looking into earlier. What would be the source of that second channel audio? Or you refer to spatial audio here? It could work, but that may require more tweaks also in plugin. This would be another project in size honestly, to understand how Z1 stores audio data by default… I’m not an expert on this for now.

I sent you a calendar invite for 10:30pt to discuss a future live event using the flowtours platform. @jcasman will also join the call.

I was asking about spatial audio.

In a roundtable style discussion, it would be good to use spatial audio to help identify the source of the person speaking. I do not believe this is possible with youtube or facebook.

Jesse, do you think this company is using spatial audio to stream live events? Or, do you think the plan to stream mono?

Can Facebook stream spatial audio? How do they plan to promote the metaverse experiences in real time without spatial audio?