360° Magic Tour - The new App 2017


This app is very easy to use, wich is used by many real estate agents. You can create professional virtual tours in minutes. Please let me know what you think about it.

How it works: https://vimeo.com/227842102

Examples created with the App + Theta S

regards, adrian



Thanks for posting! Cool looking virtual tours app, the video shows it off nicely. How long have you been developing your product with THETA S? Do you want to add it to the List of RICOH THETA Apps? It’s set up as a wiki, so you can edit it directly. I think it should be listed in the Uploading and Sharing section.

(If for some reason you don’t want to add it yourself, let me know, I can do it.)



Hi Jesse

Thanks for your email. We develop 18 months on our app.
I need your advice jesse. I would love to promote this app to the theta s
users and for sure to photographers and real estate agents in the US.

I am swiss and right now in new york. Do you know anyone or maybe yourself
have any contacts in this sectors? We are very sucessfull in switzerland
with the leading real estate commany, wich used 360 magic tour for the
creation of all their real estates virtual tours. And we also have a big
cooperation with the leading real estate portal there.

but since i dont know anyone in the US, i need some ideas and help.

it would be great if you can had our app to the Theta Apps - i dont know
how at this moment.

Best regards and thanks again for your email.

*Adrian Simaldoni *(CEO)
Switzerland I USA I South America
+41 79 283 59 32



Sounds like a very exciting period for your company. How long are you in New York for?

We do promotions for products through this Unofficial Guide site. The site generates over 40,000 pageviews a month and connects closely with THETA technology users. Generally a promotion is 2-4 weeks, and the 360 Magic Tour would be on our homepage and promoted out through multiple channels. You offer a free version (maybe 3 months free for the Professional version?) to 1-2 winners who enter their email information. No fee to you, we build all the pages and information. But you also help with the promotion.

I’m happy to give more details. I’m traveling this week but can connect early next week. You can email me directly at jcasman@oppkey.com.



Hi jesse

thanks again for your quick reply.
we are looking for representing partners in the US - if you can promote the
360 Magic Tour app in your side an on other channels, we can make a deal
for you. if you are interested.

i am leaving on saturday from NYC to Sao Paolo Brazil. But will come back
to the US in the next 2 months.

Thanks for your help. Regards, Adrian

*Adrian Simaldoni *(CEO)
Switzerland I USA I South America
+41 79 283 59 32


Added to the List of RICOH THETA Apps under the Uploading and Sharing section. Really nice looking site, Adrian!


What about writing up a profile of the functionality of the application, the developer or team that built it, as well as the technology (like three.js) used in building it.