3D 360 images from the Theta S using Pannellum

I’ve seen in previous posts some interest in taking 3D 360 panoramas, and a little debate on how this can be achieved.

With one Theta camera it is certainly possible to do this; with only Gimp for some basic image cleaning and manipulation, Matthew Petroff’s excellent pannellum to help embed the images on your website, and a little skill with html and javascript.

This first examples http://www.virtualmountains.co.uk/X/360_3D_Experimentx3.html requires a Google cardboard or similar device to be used for viewing. It was made using three separate panoramas taken with my Theta S. Each photo is taken on the point of a triangle with sides 2.5" long. In these shots I was able to hide out of site.

This second example http://www.virtualmountains.co.uk/X/360_3D_Experimentx4.html also requires a Google cardboard headset or similar device. This time four separate panorama’s are required. The advantage is that by using four panorama’s there is a dead zone in which the photographer can hide.

This third example http://www.virtualmountains.co.uk/X/360_3D_Experiment_Cyan_Red.html uses the same four panoramas, and applies svg filtering to create red and cyan anaglyph to them. You need a browser that supports SVG filtering and a good processor for this to work (not supported by iOS yet). You need to wear those red and cyan glasses and to stand the right distance from the screen for this effect to work.

In all the above cases, it’s a matter of presenting a section of the panorama to one eye or the other depending on the viewing angle. I can go into this in more detailed if required.

But for now, if you are interested in 3D panoramas, take a look at the sample and let me know what you think.


Hello! Nice work!
Can you help me? I’m using pannellum and it’s great, but I don’t know how to “duplicate the picture” so I can use it with a cardboard.
Thank you!