Timestamp of each video frame

I’m currently extracting the video and its corresponding video frames’s timestamp from my THETA V but failed to do so. I’ve tried the solution suggested here but it seems to be camera2 exclusive (since THETA V can’t use camera2).

Does anyone have experience in this? Thank you so much.

If you want to try the THETA X, the IMU data appears to be stored in CAMM format for the 8K video.

For the V/Z1, you may try to contact the people in this thread:

I’m not sure how they matched up the sensor data with specific frames.

If you take the start and stop time of the video and then match it to the sensor data, is that too low accuracy?

Thanks for the reply craig.

As per my experiment recording the start and stop time is too inaccurate for my application

what framerate do you want to take the video at? The THETA X can save it at 8K 10fps with CAMM data format.

For the V/Z1, other people have figured out a way to record the sensor data and match it up with the frames, but I don’t know how to do it. You can try contacting the people that posted directly. It’s possible they may give you a tip in direct communication.

Is it too inaccurate if you use ffmpeg to get the timestamps? You can try it on a local computer first.