How to add gps data to ricoh theta z1 video or timelapse

I have the theta z1 and someone mentioned taking interval and turning it into timelapse however even with the gps setting on in the theta app settings google street view studio still says no gps data, I tried taking a video and it said the same. how do I add gps to it? I did search online but it just says “the theta app uses your phones gps to add to the photo or video” but they didnt actually mention how to do that

See this article by toyo.

Also, get this tool:

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Hi @theendzombo ,
If you are using Theta Z1 for Street View capture, then ask the master @Shotaro_Igami. He is using Theta about a decade for that.

Just an FYI, if you use the THETA X, the 8K video can be uploaded to Google Streetview without further processing.

I have not tried this, but with the Z1, I believe people are uploading the GPS information as a separate file.

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