Theta SC2 - Adding GPS Data

I have recently acquired a Theta SC2 because it claims to have Google Street View capabilities. The issue I am having is that I can record a 360 video in the mp4 format but am not able to log GPS data at the same time for some reason. I have noticed that every time I click “record” in the Theta app (IOS/Iphone 14 pro) my GPS indicator on my phone dissapears. I can submit the video itself to Google Street View Studio but I get an error saying it has no GPS data. I also have “GPS continuous transfer” turned on in the theta app and have my location access set to “always” for the app. Is there a way to log GPS with this setup, and if not is there a method to create a .gpx file from scratch and tie it to the video?

PS: I tried creating a shapefile in ArcMap and converting it into a .gpx file, then uploading it to Google with the video but I got an “invalid .gpx file” message.

If you want to use video instead of still images taken in interval, then consider UL2GSV.

Hi there,
Theta SC2 video file is incompatible with Google CAMM format. Besides, the resolution is 3840×1920(4K).

If you want to make Blue Line with SC2, you should shoot the sequential 360 images(at least 20) and connect with the Theta app running on your phone(both Android and iOS)

Every those images(5376×2688) should be embedded GPS(GNSS) location Data. The accuracy depends on your phone’s spec. Anyway,JPG2VID tool can create .mp4 and .gpx files to be uploaded to Street View Studio.

Ooops… Pixel7 is fine! It supports Dual DNSS frequency(L1 & L5). I can always get the absolutely accurate GPS data.

PS. UL2GSV suite includes JPG2VID. The suite is donation software. I’ve already donated, however Dean Zwikel will support you through Facebook Messanger.

When the camera is in “interval” mode, does the GPS data get added to every picture?

What setting are you using for the “sequential” shots? Do you press the mobile app shutter button for every shot? Or, do you press the mobile app shutter button once and then the camera takes 30 pictures with a single button press?

did you get any way to post in the street view studio with the SC2? I’m having a lot of trouble.
I didn’t understand how to use JPG2VID.
thank you for any help.