Theta SC2 - Adding GPS Data

I have recently acquired a Theta SC2 because it claims to have Google Street View capabilities. The issue I am having is that I can record a 360 video in the mp4 format but am not able to log GPS data at the same time for some reason. I have noticed that every time I click “record” in the Theta app (IOS/Iphone 14 pro) my GPS indicator on my phone dissapears. I can submit the video itself to Google Street View Studio but I get an error saying it has no GPS data. I also have “GPS continuous transfer” turned on in the theta app and have my location access set to “always” for the app. Is there a way to log GPS with this setup, and if not is there a method to create a .gpx file from scratch and tie it to the video?

PS: I tried creating a shapefile in ArcMap and converting it into a .gpx file, then uploading it to Google with the video but I got an “invalid .gpx file” message.

If you want to use video instead of still images taken in interval, then consider UL2GSV.