Any way to sync Z1 to photo flashes?

Hello everyone. I am a newbie here in the forum.
I am a full time photographer that got into 360vr photography for 2 years already. I have been working on stitched 360 photo from my Dslr all these time with off camera flash for my subject.
I recently bought a Z1. Anyone have any idea that is any chances that someone can develop a plug-in or apps that I can sync the Z1 to studio flashes?
Any comments is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome!
I don’t know any way to actually sync any Theta camera to studio flashes, but if there’s no other light in the scene (no natural light, no continuous light), there’s a trick you can try.

First try to set the Theta to a low ISO (80 ISO), a small aperture (f/5.6) and a long-ish exposure (2 s or more). Then put your strobes on the scene and set them to a high power, and try to remove any continuous light (close/shade windows or shot at night, turn off light bulbs, …).
Finally, manually trigger your camera and then your lights (you might keep the smartphone app on one hand, and the light trigger on the other one).

Since you’re using a long exposure, you don’t need to be split-second precise when you trigger camera and lights.

If there’s no other light, the actual exposure of the final photo will depend only on the power and the duration of the flashes. With some trial and error, you may be able to get nice results. :wink:

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