Any word on a new RICOH Dev Kit, that matches the new Z1 specs

Was searching around descovered the RICOH R Dev Kit
But wondered if there’s any plan for a new Dev kit on the way…
One that might match that of the new Z1.

Kevin, I asked but did not get any information on RICOH R plans. I also looked through their site (which I assume you did, too) and mostly found only older info in the News section and the forum. Sorry, no help. --Jesse

It’s that effort that counts, I’m still hoping one day they send a 360 camera in space, communication would be simular to that of what we currently use with the theta.

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Or even a plug in for the Z1 that exports hdmi and other outputs to a cable, that would work perfect to help some developers

Interesting. The S has an HDMI port built in. For the V, no idea if it works, but you can get a USB OTG cable that could physically connect it to an HDMI device like a TV.

This startup is focused on communication with space.

Early robots used the RICOH THETA.


You can see on their site that their GITAI OS is dealing with some of the same problems that you are: