Autodesk University (AU) Nov 13 - 15

Attending AutoDesk University (AU) in Las Vegas this week! Having lots of fun interacting with professionals using RICOH THETA on the job. Incredibly wide use of THETA in construction and architecture. Great for site documentation and reporting. Companies like HoloBuilder, Cupix, StructureSite, Matterport and more making heavy use of 360 degree technology.

Many interesting specific use cases in water management (saving time by sticking a THETA down into a manhole instead of having a person enter) and many more.

Lots of comments about using THETA on-site regularly. Probably 75% of people coming to the booth (I personally had 50+ conversations) already know and use THETA often. Questions often include looking to extend THETA into mapping, point-clouds, and more.

When they stick the THETA down a manhole, is it in a case? Or, just the bare camera?

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Added pictures into tour.

According to the two different people I was talking with, it does not require protection, they are not putting it in direct contact with water.

What do they do for the light?

How do they control the camera? Is it tethered to a USB cable?