BASH Testing Tool for THETA API - Grab the Binaries

If you would like to install the useful command line tool for THETA API developed by Oppkey used in articles like Using BASH Scripts To Easily Test THETAs and Saving HDR _filter Setting to mySetting, please go to:

SC2 Developers - Community Docs, Code Samples and Tutorial Videos

The registration and the command line tool are free. Binaries are available for Linux, Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi. Or you can compile the code yourself!

For Mac, I ran into several security steps after downloading the binary. This may not happen to you. @codetricity said he had no problems.

  1. I downloaded the Mac binary and unzipped it
  2. I had already connected my MacBook Air directly to my THETA Z1. It’s best if you set up two Wi-Fi networks, one to connect to the THETA and one to connect out to the Internet. But it’s not required.
  3. From the command line, I tried running a basic command ./theta app --version to test if it’s installed correctly. I got this:

  1. I went in to the Apple menu and System Preferences. Under Security & Privacy, it said that “‘theta’ was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer.” You can click Allow Anyway.

  1. I tried running it from the command line again. This time, I got the warning:

  1. I clicked Open.
  2. I tried running ./theta app --version again. It responded with 0.1.1-alpha. That’s the anticipated response; it works!

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Thanks. Can you also put this information i either one of two places:

  1. in the of the zipped file for the MacOS
  2. in the description of the releases on GitHub with a note that there is more information for MacOS in the

Ideally, put it in both places. You will need to rezip the reupload the distribution. The quickest way to put the information up is to edit the release description and link to this article.