Batch Processing Auto Correction Feature Fails

There appears to be some kind of bug with the batch processing of my photos from a Theta Z1!?

My photo is properly exported when going thru each photo one by one using “Process and next” as seen in the photo I’m using: Automatic settings for Top/bottom correction

However when using the “Batch Processing” button that very same photo ends up visibly distorted with a terrible “Roll” as can be seen here during processing. Yes using the same automatic settings for Top/bottom correction.


What is going on here? It clearly is some kind of issue with the Ricoh Stitcher… It works fine going photo by photo as demo above shows but for some reason the “batch processing” is not using “automatic correction settings” properly.

I’m running all latest softwares; RICOH THETA Stitcher v3.11.0 / Windows 11 Pro / Adobe Lightroom Classic 12.5

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Still having the Top / Bottom Correction issue, how can I be the only one who has noticed this??? Does the Macintosh version not have this issue? Any ideas anyone has to avoid this? PTgui or other?

I hate having to press “Process and next” when I have 150+ photos to export from Lightroom. And as demonstrated previously clicking “Batch processing” results in a terrible image…

See the difference between these two photos?



wanted to let you know that this is a community forum for software developers working with the API of the camera and not an official RICOH site. You should contact the official RICOH support for help with the software produced by RICOH. Alternately, there may be other community sites on Facebook that focus more on photography with the RICOH THETA cameras. You’re welcome to post here, but there may be other places that are more active for your discussion topics.

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Craig thank you for your response, I have sent another support request through the official site.