Bluetooth and / or wifi?

Hi everyone, I’m just getting started with this. Should I have both Bluetooth and wifi on, does it help or hurt to have them both on? Is one better to use than the other?

Disable bluetooth unless you specifically need it.
Enable wifi and use that to connect to your phone.

Bluetooth cannot be used to preview or transfer pictures. It can only be used to take the pictures and make simple adjustments.

You can also use bluetooth with a remote shutter clicker.

If you do not have those special use cases with bluetooth, then disable it.

What camera model are you using?

Hi, I’m using a Z1. It sounds like you are saying I should just ignore the Bluetooth, wifi will give me all the features Bluetooth gives and more.

Yes, ignore the Bluetooth. Wifi has more features. Only use bluetooth if your workflow makes it inconvenient for you to bring out your mobile device and configure Wi-Fi. Once you have WiFi working, you can assess bluetooth.

thanks again, super helpful

Sometimes people have problems connecting mobile devices to the camera. There is a playlist below with a dozen tips. You only need this if you have problems connecting.

I agree with previous comments: use it if you have connection issues. I keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on. I had an experience trying to do a photo shoot in a downtown Chicago building and could not connect my Z1 with Wi-Fi. I thought I had a problem with my camera. Fortunately I had my backup Theta V and it worked but I hate the picture quality. I since learned that I could use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and have been using both ever since. No more issues.

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Thanks for responding. So by having them both turned on, if the wifi doesn’t work, does the bluetooth then kick in?

I think the bluetooth is supposed to kick in. I usually disable bluetooth myself. However, I have heard from other people that the bluetooth kicks in when the Wi-Fi disconnects. I’m not a professional photographer, so it’s better to get real-world information from people like @ejhphoto who are more experienced with professional workflows.